Jen & Sponsored Child in Kenya 2019


At BSJ Plumbing & Appliance Installs, Inc we care tremendously about the world and the people living in it!  We believe that giving back is not just our responsibility, but a way of life.  It does not matter how small the act may be, it all matters and is important.  That’s why the BSJ plumbers carry protein bars and water to give to any homeless individuals and always have a smile for our customers. 

Below are just a couple of the organizations BSJ Plumbing is committed to helping:

Serving the Entire East Valley

Jen & Child Ambassador Team in Cambodia 2020.

La Mesa Ministries works to restore dignity and self-sufficiency to the homeless and the working poor in Mesa, Arizona, and in surrounding communities. La Mesa walks alongside those ready to break the cycle of poverty, offering them hot meals, worship opportunities and introductions to local resources that can help them improve their circumstances.

BSJ supplied and installed a hand washing sink in April 2020.

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24-Hour Emergency Service Available 

Leanna (BSJ Office Manager) & Jen Hosting World Vision 6k

Jen & Sponsored Child in Bangladesh 2018

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization devoted to making children’s lives safer and healthier through community development.  Sponsor a Child Today! 

World Vision also provides disaster relief in the United States and throughout the world.  

World Vision is the #1 non-governmental producer of clean water.  Because of World Vision and its efforts, every 10 seconds a new child receives access to clean water!


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