Plunger 101

Are You Using the Right Plunger?

Most people are using the wrong plunger and it just doesn't get the job done!

There are different plungers for different uses. Using the correct plunger the right way could mean the difference between smooth sailing or an embarrassing situation that turns into a emergency service call. Before you call a plumber to unclog your toilet, watch this quick video from BSJ Plumbing for a fix that’ll get your toilet water flushing freely, fast!

When Should You Call for a Professional Drain Cleaning?

  1. If you encounter a clog that you can’t clear, just give us a call. One of our background-checked, experienced plumbers is standing by to get you taken care of right away!
  2. If the clog keeps coming back it may be a sign that there is a bigger problem. If you clear a drain and it clogs again in a short period of time, it’s time to call in the professionals at BSJ Plumbing LLC for a professional drain cleaning. With our camera technology, we can go deeper into your home’s plumbing system to identify the problem and get it cleared quickly and efficiently.

Call today for drain cleaning or plumbing repair in Mesa, Gilbert, and Chandler, AZ.

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