7 Common Plumbing Myths

Myth 1: Placing A Brick In Your Toilet Bowl Will Help Save Money

Truth: People assume that a brick in the toilet bowl means that less water will fill up the tank, thus saving you on water costs. However, this has actually proven to be harmful for most toilets as it can prevent it from flushing properly.

Placing A Brick In Your Toilet Bowl Will Help Save Money

Myth 2: Slow Faucet Leaks Aren't Bad

Truth: A slow faucet leak may seem annoying but not very harmful. However, any plumber will tell you that a faucet leak should be taken care of as soon as possible. An unfixed faucet leak can cause your water bills to rise, so it's a good idea to address it sooner rather than later.

Myth 3: You Can Flush Flushable Wipes

Truth: Despite the name, flushable wipes aren't very flushable. In fact, a majority of toilet clogs are caused by people flushing these wipes. If you're going to use wipes, you should dispose of them in the trash.

Myth 4: Ice Cubes Can Sharpen Garbage Disposal Blades

Truth: Modern garbage disposals don't even use traditional blades, but rather special teeth, and they are way too strong to be affected by ice cubes. Putting ice in your garbage disposal won't help sharpen it or make it more efficient.

Myth 5: Drain Cleaners Are Totally Safe

Truth: Drain cleaners may clear some clogs, but you must be extremely careful when using them. If they get on your skin, they can actually cause chemical burns, which will require immediate medical attention. Drain cleaners can also harm the lining of your drains, so you want to use them very sparingly.

Myth 6: Rumbling Means Your Water Heater Will Explode

Truth: When people hear weird noises with their water heater, they assume the worst and think it might explode. However, the rumbling or gurgling may actually be caused by a build-up of sediment. This can be a relatively simple fix, but you should call up your local plumbing company to handle it.

Myth 7: You Can Unclog A Sink With A Plunger

Truth: While you can technically use a plunger to unclog your sink, it doesn't work in every case. If you've already poured drain cleaning liquid into the sink, you must avoid using a plunger. Plunging can actually cause the cleaner to come back and cause serious burns on your skin if it gets on you.

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